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Leading advertising agencies ask, "Is it COMB approved?" to ensure the highest standard of accountability when planning out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaigns. That's because COMB has a 50-year history of conducting independent, in-depth measurement of OOH audiences under the scrutiny of advertising agencies, advertisers and leading out-of-home media companies. It publishes circulation and planning data for over 70,000 OOH advertising faces in more than 280 markets, providing a trusted, indispensable resource for media planners, buyers and sellers of out-of-home media.  COMB Member Companies

COMB data helps to validate the planner's thinking, intuition and experience.

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COMB Audit Shows OOH Companies Deliver High Level of Accountability

COMB has completed a full audit of trading data used by OOH company members to ensure that the circulation data being used by OOH companies is accurate. 

The audit revealed that OOH company members are delivering a 98.1% accuracy level providing assurance to advertising buyers and their clients.


COMB Welcomes Two New Members

Canadian Digital Network Ltd. based in Regina owns a total of 51 faces. CDN’s inventory consists of 49 digital faces throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and 2 static faces in Alberta.

Signpatico Digital Advertising owns four digital posters, with the installation of additional digital posters planned over the next month, in Prince George, British Columbia.  


COMB Releases New Guides to Assist Media Buyers

COMB has released two new guides for media buyers to assist them in planning outdoor and indoor advertising campaigns. The guides provide a checklist that allows buyers to see the factors and scrutiny that goes into providing OOH audience numbers. 


Dynamic Outdoor Joins COMB

Dynamic Outdoor, a large format digital billboard company that operates in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver has joined COMB. Dynamic has a total of 24 digital billboards on highways and arterial roads in the three markets.

“We are pleased that Dynamic Outdoor has decided to join COMB,” said Rosanne Caron, President; COMB. “Dynamic’s circulation numbers will be published in the July 2015 COMB Data Report.”


REC Media Joins COMB

REC Media, an advertising network in community and municipal recreational facilities across Canada, has joined COMB.

“The measurement of community arenas is a new category for COMB, commented Julie Myers; Chairman of COMB. The importance of having independent measurement of OOH audiences is critical to a buyer’s evaluation of an OOH operator and we are pleased that REC Media has taken this step forward.”


COMB Announces Board Changes

Fiona McLaughlin, Vice-President, Group Director, Communications Planning, Carat and Lisa Kahn, Vice-President, Group Director, Vizeum/Dentsu Aegis have been appointed Directors of the Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB). They will serve on COMB’s Board for a one-year term.

“Fiona and Lisa, without question, will bring a wealth of media knowledge and strategic planning experience to our Board”, says Julie Myers, COMB’s Chairman of the Board.


COMB releases state-of-the-art Audit technology

COMB (Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau) has launched a state-of-the-art process to synchronize all trading data between its systems and those of its OOH company members.

COMB will issue 60,000 audit requests to its members in its first year of the program. The audits will verify that circulation, population and in-market percent values, used to calculate campaign impressions and reach-frequency, match COMB-approved figures.

As a condition of COMB membership, OOH companies must comply with the COMB Audit and the timely correction of data errors.


New COMB President

Karen Best is stepping down as President of COMB at the end of 2014 to retire from her media career. She has held the position since 2009.

Rosanne Caron, who has served as President of OMAC (Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada) since 2005, will take over as President of COMB as of January 1, 2015 while continuing to lead OMAC.


New Board Director

Andrea Parnell, Senior Vice-President, Managing Director, MacLaren M2 Universal was today appointed Director of the Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB).  Andrea will serve on COMB’s Board for a one-year term.


COMB is on the move with circulation growth, new people and new research

COMB press release of January 6th, highlights January 2, 2014 COMB Data Report release, new COMB Board of Directors and 2013 research projects.


Seeking highest traffic-volume intersections for your OOH campaigns?

Step One: broaden your horizon.

Check out the maps of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa to see that drivers are not concentrated in each city core, but in fact distributed more broadly throughout the larger community and neighbourhoods.


COMB GPS-based travel research steers decision to modernize the outdoor advertising ‘GRP’

Following a two-year investigation into how the ever-growing mobility of Canadian consumers is impacting exposure to outdoor media, COMB, on October 17, 2012, released the results of new empirical research designed to increase the precision in measuring outdoor GRPs.




The COMB Data Report will be updated on January 2 and July 2 of each year.

It includes 21 OOH companies and 41 products representing over 70,000 OOH ad faces and screens.

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"With COMBNavigator® and the COMB Data Report, I can easily find the OOH information I need. It’s quick, precise and efficient. "
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