1. How can I access the COMB Navigator software?
Once you become a COMB member you can obtain your username/password by filling out the online request form. Please contact your IT department to handle the installation of the software since administrative permissions are required for this.

2. How can I understand some of the terms/data variables used in COMBNavigator®? 
Once you are logged into the COMBNavigator you can access the “Definitions” document in the Help menu.

3. How often is COMBNavigator® updated?
Twice a year (January and July). An off-schedule update is sometimes requested by an OOH company member when a significant inventory change has occurred that they would like to see reflected immediately.

4. Why are some of COMB’s Outdoor members not included in COMBNavigator®?
R/F estimates are determined through the amalgamation of OOH inventory data and Numeris-RTS target data. As a result, COMB Outdoor members are required to have a Numeris membership and be a subscriber to the NLogic-RTS Consumer Study to be reported in COMBNavigator®.

5. Are Outdoor digital products reported in COMBNavigator®?
Yes they are. Please note that current reach/frequency calculations use circulations that are based on per face, not per advertising spot.

6. How many markets does COMBNavigator® report on?
45 including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, London, Quebec City, Halifax, Winnipeg and Regina.

7. Is COMBNavigator® included in COMB’s membership fees?
Yes, there are no extra charges for access to COMBNavigator® unless you are not a member of Numeris/RTS.

8. Are there any license fees for COMBNavigator® or the COMB Data Report software?
No. There are no fees to obtain multiple licenses for our current software so all users in the same company can have their own accounts at no extra charge.

9. Why is there no rate card in COMBNavigator®?
Significant variances can occur with rates based on a number of industry factors that take place over a year so we do not want to misinform our clients by using a rate card. Please contact the relevant OOH company to obtain costs.

10. Can I use COMBNavigator® (or the COMB Data Report) on my MAC?
The software is not MAC-compatible however, there are a couple of work-around options you can discuss with your IT department:

  1. Apple provides Boot Camp, a means of installing Windows on Macs in dual-boot fashion.
  2. The more seamless route is to use virtual machine software, like Parallels, which effectively runs Windows (or a single Windows application) within OS X.

11. Why are Transit shelters reported under the Street Furniture product and not broken out?
Products in COMBNavigator® are grouped together if they are the same size so, for example, all products under Street Furniture (e.g. Transit Shelters, Street Ads, Mediacolumns, Street Posters) that are 6’x4’ are grouped together under one product name.