About Us

The Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB for short) sets the industry standard for measurement of OOH advertising audiences across Canada. It publishes circulation and market data for over 61,000 OOH advertising faces in more than 270 markets.

COMB is national, not-for-profit, and has been dedicated to unbiased, accurate and independent quantitative research since its founding in 1965.

COMB’s members - OOH companies, advertising agencies and advertisers - provide guidance, funding and oversight to the media measurement process.

Why you can trust COMB


COMB’s research processes are transparent. Our methodologies are made available to all COMB members and provide both an industry standard and a consistent, common way to evaluate OOH media.


Accuracy starts with “independence” and that means COMB measurement is developed at arm’s length from OOH media companies.

Accuracy is also dependent on the “right methodology” with no mathematical flaws and no leaps in logic.

COMB’s Research Committee - an important “policing body” of research and media experts - ensures that all methodologies are thoroughly analysed for integrity, precision and the highest standards of research practice.


"I trust COMB numbers - they’re based on industry-approved common methodology and currency which are essential for media planning. There’s no time to evaluate OOH properly without COMB."

Moira Gilderson, VP Group Account Director, Dentsu Media Toronto

What COMB delivers
  • COMB Data Report - Software tool for viewing COMB data in various report formats. OOH advertising face counts and circulations are available for more than 270 markets, 42 OOH products, and 17 OOH companies collectively representing over 61,000 outdoor and indoor advertising faces or screens
  • COMB Navigator® - Planning and reach-frequency analysis software that adds insight and productivity to the outdoor advertising planning process.
  • COMB Audit - A continuous program that verifies, through synchronization technology, the accuracy of COMB data used by OOH company members for trading purposes.
  • COMB School - a learning program comprised of webinars that "decode" COMB's stringent measurement process.


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