Credibility comes with COMB

COMB membership provides market credibility and a key competitive differentiator for OOH companies. It represents The Measurement Standard trusted by Canada’s leading advertising agencies and advertisers who have confidence in the validity of COMB circulations and other measurement data.

COMB members benefit from:

  • Sharing measurement costs with other COMB members.
  • Access to sophisticated, market-leading measurement methodologies developed by research experts and validated by the advertising community.
  • The COMB School educational program which helps members understand COMB’s measurement methodologies and better represent their “numbers” to advertisers and agencies.
  • Access to average-market circulations for all COMB OOH companies. This keeps members “in the know” and better able to evaluate their audience delivery against that of their competitors.
  • Access to COMB's portal, Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS), for quick, efficient maintenance of your COMB-OOH-inventory-data.
  • Access to COMB's state-of-the-art Audit program so that your circulation, population and in-market percent values can be synchronized and verified against COMB's data.

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Independent. In-Depth. Indispensable.

OOH companies that join COMB make a clear statement to advertisers that independently-audited, precise measurement is indispensable to the media industry. COMB’s consistent industry-sanctioned measurement helps simplify the OOH media evaluation process conducted by advertising agencies, and raises the standard of media measurement across the industry.

COMB's Sourcing Guidelines

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'I trust COMB numbers - they’re based on industry-approved common methodology and currency which are essential for media planning. There’s no time to evaluate OOH properly without COMB."

Moira Gilderson,
VP Integrated Business Leader,

Carat Toronto

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