OOH Certification Program

COMB and OMAC have developed an OOH Certification Program designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of OOH. The course delivers insights and knowledge of:

  • Indoor and outdoor products & networks
  • Resources to plan OOH campaigns including COMB’s own COMBNavigator® & COMB Data Report software
  • Audience measurement
  • Effectiveness & strategic uses of OOH
  • Creative and production guidelines


For full detais on the program (including program outline), click here or register here.

See what our graduates have to say about the program!

"Despite being an experienced OOH planner/buyer the hands on, in-person training option for the COMBNavigator® module was very effective for me.  Being able to physically execute what I was learning ensured the content stuck so I was able to easily and effectively apply what I learned to my OOH planning tasks."

Lloyd Lottner
Director, Mediasystems Design
Media Experts

“COMB & OMAC’s OOH Certification Program is a fantastic professional development opportunity for media strategists, advertisers and sales people to improve or gain new knowledge of the OOH medium or refresh their skill set.”

Richard Ivey
Chief Procurement Officer
Media Experts